Our Leadership Team



Tom Woodson

Co-founder and General Manager

As a veteran in the software industry, Tom has dedicated his career to its evolution. Co-founder of MedProcure alongside David Quattlebaum, Tom currently serves as our General Manager. In this role, he assumes a pivotal position, overseeing not only our sales and marketing functions, but also taking charge of the administrative and financial aspects of MedProcure. Tom's leadership is instrumental in steering our company's overall strategy and ensuring excellence across various operational domains.

Email: twoodson@medprocure.com


David Quattlebaum

Co-founder and Vice President of Development

David is aptly referred to as our "Chief Creative Officer." With a remarkable track record of designing and overseeing the development of over ten original software applications, David possesses a unique talent for modeling software after real-world processes. This approach results in systems that are not only intuitive but also uniquely user-friendly. Beyond leading our development team, David plays a crucial role in ensuring customer success through effective collaboration with our implementation and support groups. His innovative approach and leadership are instrumental in shaping our software solutions to meet both technical excellence and user satisfaction.

Email: dquattle@medprocure.com


Kelly Price

Director of Customer Success

Kelly is instrumental in delivering on our commitment to exceptional customer service. She oversees the seamless onboarding, training, and go-live processes for our clients. Once a customer is operational on our applications, Kelly proactively schedules regular follow-ups to ensure ongoing success. In addition, she skillfully manages our dedicated support team, ensuring they are readily available to assist customers whenever needed. Kelly's dedication ensures that our customers receive the highest level of support throughout their journey with our applications.

Email: kprice@medprocure.com


Marshall Wells

Director of Operations and Compliance

Marshall is central to ensuring the seamless operation of our business. Not only does he oversee our infrastructure and production environments, but he also plays a pivotal role in interfacing with vendors and internal developers to guarantee the secure and efficient performance of our applications. Marshall is at the forefront of our security compliance efforts, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensuring that our operations align with industry regulations and standards. His multifaceted responsibilities, including security compliance, contribute significantly to maintaining the overall smooth functioning of our operations. Marshall's dedication is key to our success in delivering secure, efficient, and compliant solutions to our clients.

Email: mwells@medprocure.com


Zach Thigpen

Director of Product

Zach leads our dynamic product team in shaping the future of our software solutions. His role involves translating business goals into a compelling product vision, overseeing the entire product development lifecycle, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within the team, and managing high-level business-to-business relationships crucial to the company's success. Zach collaborates closely with key stakeholders, including clients and partners, to understand their unique needs and challenges and ensures the successful launch of high-quality software products that seamlessly integrate into the workflows of our customers. With a proven track record in product management, effective communication, collaboration, and a customer-centric approach, Zach has successfully cultivated and maintained long-term relationships that drive mutual growth and success for both MedProcure and its valued partners.

Email: zthigpen@medprocure.com