SmartPO™ is a powerful procurement system built for practices and groups of all sizes—from single locations to complex organizations with multiple locations and departments. It’s easy to use, yet offers comprehensive spend management tools.

Complete Procure-to-Pay

Procuring goods and services often involves disparate departments, systems, and procedures. SmartPO eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes while automating the entire procurement cycle with a single platform.

SmartPO handles:

  • Internal requisitions and transfers
  • Purchase order processes (integrated with mobile devices and barcode scanners)
  • Approvals that are customized according to your procedures
  • Order receipts and inventory updates
  • Invoice processing
  • Communications with your Accounts Payable system.

One Platform for All Vendors

Quickly browse and requisition needed supplies from all vendors on one screen. Orders are controlled by your customized product guide that includes prices reflecting your supplier contracts. Punch-outs allow you to shop selected vendor sites (such as Amazon) and have items added to your orders. You can create orders with mobile devices or by scanning bar codes directly from the supply room. Behind the scenes, SmartPO automatically creates a separate purchase order for each vendor and sends it in their preferred format (EDI, FTP, AS2, email, customized integration, etc.).

Correct Pricing

SmartPO manages, tracks, and audits pricing under GPO contracts, direct contracts, and special pricing agreements. Know that you are paying the right price, every time.

When SmartPO receives a vendor invoice, it audits every line to ensure accurate pricing and contract compliance. If the invoice matches the inventory items that were received, it is marked as ready for payment. If discrepancies are noted, the invoice is routed back to suppliers for correction or adjustment.


Comprehensive Inventory Management

SmartPO incorporates a number of inventory management features that help you optimize your supply chain, reduce waste, and work more efficiently.


Item Cross Referencing

Quickly set up cross references that allow staff to easily find substitutes when a product isn’t available and to evaluate options from different vendors.


Inventory Tracking

SmartPO can track exact inventory levels for some or all products, even across multiple locations. Know what’s on hand and when you need to reorder.


Expiration Alerts

SmartPO can track injectables and other items with lot numbers and expiration dates. Email notifications alert staff as expiration dates approach, allowing them to ensure these products are rotated for first use, reducing waste of limited-lifespan products.


Barcode Integration

Order items right from the supply room by scanning pre-printed barcode labels. Scanning barcodes when dispensing items automatically updates inventory data.


General Ledger Coding

Individual lines on each requisition or purchase order include G/L codes from your customized product guide, eliminating the need to re-enter this information during the invoicing and payment processes.


Flexible Reporting

Reports allow you to monitor purchases by vendor, item, or other criteria. Actionable data intelligence and tools accurately measure procurement performance.

Easy Implementation

We understand that your job is providing patient care, so we take care of implementing SmartPO. From gathering data, to creating your product database, setting up communications with your vendors, customizing your platform so that it functions just how your organization needs, training your staff to ensure they’re proficient and comfortable, and providing ongoing support via phone, email, or web—our dedicated Customer Success Team has you covered.


We create your product database, vendor profiles, and other data.


We set up and configure your SmartPO system.


We train your staff so they are comfortable with SmartPO.


We provide ongoing support that’s available every day.