Case Study: Jasmine Estates


“I’m a big fan of ‘the Easy button,’ or whatever can make my work more straightforward. SmartPO certainly does just that."

The Client

Jasmine Estates provides warm, intimate communities dedicated to memory care. Its locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond, OK, are each licensed for 50 residents.

Brittney Kemerley is the Regional Business Office Manager for Jasmine Estates and purchases supplies for both locations. As such, SmartPO is an essential part of her job that she uses throughout each day. Dietary staff also use the SmartPO system for procuring food and other inventory.


Like many organizations without a comprehensive procure-to-pay system, Jasmine Estates’ purchasing processes were disjointed and sometimes resulted in staff ordering from “one-off” vendors. Jasmine Estates is a member of Alliant Purchasing, a Premier Certified Sponsor, and Brittney needed a solution that would ensure that, whenever possible, items were purchased at contracted prices from Alliant vendors. It was also important to enforce adherence to departmental budgets.

SmartPO Implementation

SmartPO follows a natural procurement process, which makes it intuitive to learn and use. “I’m very procedure oriented, and SmartPO has a great workflow,” Brittney adds. During the initial implementation, some job roles changed within Jasmine Estates, including Brittney’s position. “I came into the process a little late, but MedProcure’s Implementation Team helped me catch up quickly.”

The SmartPO Advantage 

  • Standardized Purchasing
    Because SmartPO can manage all procurement steps, from sourcing to payout, it has provided the standardized purchasing processes that Jasmine Estates sought. Brittney explains, “Using a single system like SmartPO means we can track the status of all purchases.” Moreover, SmartPO’s multiple layers of safeguards direct users to preferred vendors whenever possible.


  • Order Rules
    SmartPO’s customizable order rules allow organizations to route purchase orders automatically based on pre-defined criteria. Jasmine Estates requires departmental administrators to approve orders that are over a specific dollar amount or percentage of budget, while orders that are a lower dollar amount or budget percentage can proceed without this step.


  • Punchouts
    Punchouts allow users to shop vendor sites directly without leaving the SmartPO system. Brittney uses this convenient feature to purchase from Amazon, Staples, and several medical and dietary suppliers. As she shops, SmartPO adds items to a purchase order, so the controls, reviews, and reporting within SmartPO remain intact.


  • QuickBooks Integration
    When an invoice is ready for payment, SmartPO forwards the invoice, along with a payment packet of all associated documents, to Jasmine Estates’ QuickBooks system. This streamlines the process of matching invoices to purchase orders and provides an easy-to-follow audit trail.

In Conclusion

Brittney says SmartPO has greatly simplified the procurement part of her job. “I’m a big fan of ‘the Easy button,’ or whatever can make my work more straightforward. SmartPO certainly does just that. It’s a huge time saver, especially when managing multiple communities.”