Solutions for Healthcare Providers

With declining reimbursements and ever-rising operating expenses, controlling supply costs is more necessary than ever. SmartPO from MedProcure provides easy-to-use tools and automation to do just that. In addition to cutting product costs, our solutions save time and reduce errors, resulting in a more efficient procure-to-pay process.

Purchasing Control

You determine the products that are available for purchase in your system, the primary vendor for each product, and the standard order quantity for each one. Products are automatically sourced from your primary vendor for better control and savings.

One Platform for all Vendors

A single screen lets you search for items and create orders for all suppliers. With our collaborative database, you can easily locate exact item matches, equivalent items, substitute items, and product dependencies.

Effortless Order Entry

SmartPO eliminates the hassle of writing and then phoning or faxing orders. You can even add items to orders simply by scanning bar codes from the supply room. A quick mouse click sends a purchase order to each supplier—in the format they prefer.

Automated Contract Analysis

SmartPO allows you to load and easily monitor both GPO and local contracts. SmartPO audits prices as orders are confirmed and received to ensure that vendors are giving you correct pricing. Auditing and controlling prices is no longer hit-and-miss, spreadsheet driven work. You’re even alerted to items not covered by contracts so you can take action.

Optional Approval Process

You can optionally require a designated staff member to review and approve all purchase orders before they are sent. If you have multiple locations, you can elect to have a single user approve purchase orders from all locations before they are released to vendors.

Order Confirmations and Price Audits

Your vendor can optionally send you a purchase order confirmation to verify receipt of your order, as well as shipping quantities and prices. Any variances in quantity or price are highlighted in red so that you can quickly spot them.

Streamlined Invoice Approvals

Accurate receiving reports allow you to quickly match vendor invoices and inventory receipts, speeding the approval and payment process.

Real-Time Analysis

Robust reporting analyzes purchases by vendor, item, and other criteria. Actionable reporting allows you to establish order guidelines and par levels based on historical usage and helps avoid overstock conditions. SmartPO audits vendor pricing in real-time, with alerts to ensure you are being charged correctly.

Trouble-free Setup

MedProcure takes care of the installation of your system—from loading your items, to setting up communications with your vendors, to training your staff. Once you go live, we continue to follow up with regularly scheduled calls to ensure a successful transition to automated purchasing with SmartPO.

Group Practices

Group practices pose a unique challenge. Many times groups are managed as individual practices despite their collective spend volume. Groups owned or managed by IDNs are often pushed to utilize the hospital's internal procurement solution. However, these systems are designed for a completely different environment and are typically too complex for staff members buying supplies for an individual office.

Group analysis

We begin by merging all purchases from all offices into a single list. From there, we consolidate purchases of all exact items. Next we analyze pricing on these items to achieve price parity. Many times we see savings of 10-15% just by achieving price parity across all locations. Consolidating like items can result in further savings. For example, a group could decide on the same 16 gauge syringe to be used across all offices.

Purchasing Management

Customized order rules can allow basic supply orders to flow automatically, while requiring management approval for certain items or orders that are out of established limits or that would put an office over their budget.