Case Study: Mozaic Senior Life

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“My ultimate goal is to make sure our nurses have the supplies they need when they need them to provide the best care for our residents. SmartPO is an integral part of achieving that goal.”

The Client

For over 50 years, Mozaic Senior Life has provided skilled nursing, comprehensive senior care, and community services to the Bridgeport, CT, area. Their expansive campus includes a 300-bed long-term-care nursing home, individual assisted-living and memory-care residences, short-term rehabilitation center, 18,000 square-foot community health club, child development center serving infants through pre-school ages, gift shop, and cafe. Apart from its campus, Mozaic Senior Life offers a host of in-home services, including skilled nursing and therapy, hospice care, and a family living program to support primary caregivers. Mozaic Senior Life also offers full-service kosher catering. They currently have over 900 employees.

Michael Tyler is the Purchasing Coordinator for Mozaic Senior Life. His biggest purchases are weekly OTC and PPE supplies. He also purchases medical equipment (from beds to scanners), equipment for dining services, and most items for maintenance and the physical plant. Michael works with multiple GPOs.

Selection and Installation

Michael spent about a year investigating systems before deciding to upgrade to SmartPO. One of his primary reasons for selecting SmartPO is its comprehensive control and visibility of supply usage. “SmartPO is a complete package. I can see live inventory levels, so I always know what I have on the shelf and what I need to order," he explains.

Michael describes his SmartPO installation as "simple and smooth.” Moreover, SmartPO's intelligent design and MedProcure's thorough training simplified getting up to speed. Michael adds, "The system is very intuitive to use, and MedProcure's team spent as much time with me as I needed."

Advantages of SmartPO

Michael points to several operational areas within Mozaic that have seen measurable benefits from SmartPO.

Purchasing: “I scan the items I need and enter the order quantity, and SmartPO automatically creates a purchase order for each appropriate vendor. This saves me a tremendous amount of time versus manually entering a separate purchase order for each vendor. And it’s much more accurate.”

Michael estimates that the streamlined order process saves him at least one day per week.

Inventory: SmartPO tracks the movement of supplies as they are received into Mozaic’s central supply, distributed to individual departments, and finally used by residents, and it facilitates maintaining accurate stock counts. Requisition and Fulfillment functionality records items as they are transferred from central supply to individual departments and updates onhand quantities. The Inventory Transfer Report provides detail and summary inventory charges by department at the end of each month.

Punchouts: Punchouts allow staff to shop directly on a supplier’s website while creating purchase orders in SmartPO. Michael says, “We use punchouts with three of our primary medical supplies vendors. This saves lots of time,” yet still provides the controls, reviews, and reporting within SmartPO.

Credit Card Purchases: Mozaic’s physical plant orders supplies from many vendors and often pays with a credit card. SmartPO accommodates credit card purchases at both the ordering and invoicing stages, and the Paid by Credit Card report provides the details needed for monthly credit card audits.

Cross Referencing: Supply chain disruptions and backorders can ultimately affect patient care. SmartPO’s Product Cross Reference makes it easy to find alternate items when needed.

Future Plans

Mozaic plans to expand its procurement automation by utilizing SmartPO’s Generate Orders functionality to create orders based on each item’s optimum inventory levels. As an item’s on-hand quantity falls below its pre-defined minimum level, SmartPO can automatically create a purchase order to bring it back to its maximum level. These orders can be approved and sent to vendors according to an organization’s custom order rules.

In Conclusion

When reflecting on his use of SmartPO, Michael commends both the product and team. “As an inventory and purchasing tool, SmartPO is working very, very well for us. And the support we’ve received from MedProcure has been second to none.”

Altogether, SmartPO helps Mozaic Senior Life achieve its vision of being the premier senior living and community service provider in southern Connecticut. Michael summarizes:

“My ultimate goal is to make sure our nurses have the supplies they need when they need them to provide the best care for our residents. SmartPO is an integral part of achieving that goal.”