Solutions for GPOs


ContractMGR is an optional application for GPOs wishing to increase their service level and member savings. The application can be used as an intelligent cost study tool that becomes “smarter” with each study processed. We have users that regularly attain a match rate of 90% with no intervention. ContractMGR is also a highly sophisticated analytical tool that provides detailed reporting on member spend and contract utilization using information from a variety of data feeds. These data feeds can be automated through EDI file transfers or manually loaded as purchase history reports, etc. Member contract connections and pricing can automatically update item masters in SmartPO. Note that if a GPO has an existing contract management solution, contract connections can be mapped from any application to SmartPO instances.

Transync File Capture

  • Designed for both members with existing procurement solutions and members with no solution.
  • Members can drag and drop spend files for aggregation and analysis.
  • Popular formats are pre-defined.
  • Easy drag and drop formatting for non-standard files.
  • Supports automated data feeds from suppliers.

Contract Compliance Analysis

This optional tool allows CSRs to quickly analyze contract utilization by group and location.


Item Analytics

The optional Item Analytics tool automatically processes cost studies on all spend history, noting potential contract savings that can be reported to members.


Contract connections are highlighted, with the ability to instantly drill down to contract details.



SmartPO is a web-based procurement application that can greatly enhance the functionality and benefits available in ContractMGR. SmartPO promotes efficiencies and control for providers while fully supporting GPO contracts and easily identifying opportunities to maximize utilization and savings. The platform allows users to create requisitions for all products and all suppliers in one place. SmartPO then builds purchase orders for each vendor based on pre-determined purchasing decisions. The result is that the correct product is ordered from the correct vendor at an agreed-upon price. Users can optionally maintain perpetual inventory on either selected items or their complete inventory, and inventory levels can be visible across locations in multiple sites.

  • A multi-vendor procurement and inventory management system
  • Designed for LTC, ASC, and physician offices
  • Automatically forwards data to ContractMGR or an existing data analytics system employed by a GPO

The Opportunities window alerts providers to potential cost savings available through contract pricing.

The Opportunities window alerts users to potential cost savings.

The GPO column clearly identifies on- and off-contract items.

SmartPO's GPO column clearly identifies on- and off-contract items with either a GPO or local contract icon.