Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Organizations that operate as not-for-profit have specialized needs that differentiate them from traditional for-profit companies. SmartPO, our powerful purchasing and inventory system, understands these differences and supports non-profit organizations of all sizes. SmartPO increases the efficiency of your organization’s procurement process and, in doing so, helps your funding go as far as possible. Our goal is to become a valuable partner.

Comprehensive yet easy to use, this complete procure-to-pay solution provides a single platform for placing orders (including via mobile devices and barcode scanners), receiving shipments to update inventory, and routing invoices. We connect you electronically to all your vendors, large or small.

Specialized Reporting and Encumbrances

Non-profit reporting requirements are unique in that grants, projects, and cost centers must be tracked and reported. Encumbrances must be posted as purchase requests are made so that staff members know where they stand versus budget at all times. SmartPO has the features and functionality to meet and exceed the specialized accounting and reporting needs of non-profits.

Warehouse Management and Transfer Support

Many non-profit groups have centralized warehouses to store products and supplies, and locations and departments requisition what they need from the central warehouse. Warehouse personnel evaluate requests against current stock levels and decide to fill the requests from existing stock, create purchase orders to replenish or augment warehouse stock levels, or employ a combination of both. SmartPO supports transfers where products are moved from one internal location to another while accounting for the movement and usage.