Web Purchasing Solutions for Blackbaud Users

SmartPO™ is a powerful purchasing and inventory system built for groups and facilities of all sizes—from individual offices to complex organizations with multiple locations and departments. It’s easy to use, yet offers comprehensive spend management tools.

This complete procure-to-pay solution provides a single platform for web purchasing (including via mobile devices and barcode scanners), receiving shipments to update inventory, and routing invoices. We connect you electronically to all your vendors, large or small.

SmartPO is fully integrated with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®, which is a total cloud accounting solution designed to meet the unique needs of non-profits and government entities. SmartPO's integration with Financial Edge NXT gives users the best of both worlds: a robust procure-to-pay solution coupled with the industry leading Blackbaud Financial Edge application.


Efficient Web Purchasing

Quickly browse and requisition needed supplies from all vendors on one screen. Orders are controlled by your customized product guide, with on-hand inventory levels tracked for select or all items, and prices reflecting your contracted prices. SmartPO automatically creates a separate purchase order for each vendor, saving time and improving efficiency.

Correct Pricing

SmartPO manages, tracks, and audits pricing under GPO contracts, direct contracts, and special pricing agreements. Know that you are paying the right price, every time.

Seamless Integrations

SmartPO integrates with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, eliminating double data entry and errors. Punch-out solutions allow you to shop a vendor’s on-line catalog while maintaining formulary and purchasing controls in SmartPO.

Simple Requisitions and Transfers

Users throughout your organization can requisition products. Individual lines on each request can be coded to capture internal G/L codes, departments, grants, etc. Alternatively, distribution lists from FENXT can be used to simplify the coding process. Warehouse or central supply personnel can fill all or part of each request from internal supplies or create external purchase orders when necessary.

Real-Time Reviews and Encumbrances

Approve, deny, or place orders on hold in real time. Customizable order rules allow for automated approvals if desired. Encumbrances are created and posted to the proper accounts in FENXT so your staff knows where they stand against budgets at all times.

Accurate Receipts

Mark orders as received with a single click. Discrepancies between orders and receipts are noted. Invoices are received electronically, and SmartPO audits every line on every invoice to ensure accurate pricing and contract compliance. When invoices match receivers, they are marked as ready for payment. Rejected invoices are routed back to suppliers for correction or adjustment. Vendor documentation, such as packing slips, can be scanned and attached to each transaction set, eliminating paper copies.

Automated Controls

Get control of your products with expiration dates and lot/serial numbers. Enter product details as items are received and later check them out using a touchscreen application. Automated messages alert you as products near expiration, avoiding inventory losses.

Paperless Processing and FENXT Posting

SmartPO allows you stop re-keying and chasing paper invoices. The entire purchase process, from orders to invoices, is electronic. As purchase transactions are completed and invoices are matched and approved, they are forwarded to Blackbaud FENXT electronically. Your accounts payable entries are made, and all documentation is available in both your Blackbaud system and SmartPO.

See the following screens for more information.


SmartPO delivers invoices to Financial Edge NXT — no rekeying required.


For each invoice, the appropriate accounting entries are automatically generated in FENXT. 


All documentation from each purchase transaction is included in a PDF that's accessible from both SmartPO and FENXT.