Solutions for Suppliers and Distributors

Customers often look to their suppliers as a resource for a variety of products and solutions. When alternate care providers search for procurement solutions, you can recommend SmartPO with confidence. The application, initially designed for alternate care, was first introduced in 2006... so it is well tested. Thousands of transactions flow through the system each week. Suppliers and distributors can receive orders electronically while offering their customers a valuable tool for streamlining processes and improving order accuracy.

Flexible Electronic Trading

When customers send you orders via SmartPO, those orders can be delivered in practically any format you prefer, including EDI, FTP, email, or customized integration to your back-office systems. Our solutions eliminate rekeying, phone tag, waiting for faxes… and missed orders.

Increased Market Share and Sales

Let’s face it—your customers are more likely to order supplies from their easiest source. With SmartPO, ordering from you can be as simple as scanning a few bar codes and clicking “send.” With that kind of convenience, your customers won’t see the need to pick up the phone and chase down orders from your competitors.

Exceptional Service

MedProcure works with both you and your customers to ensure trouble-free setup—from creating customer-specific item lists to setting up communications with your back-office systems. We offer comprehensive training and are always just a telephone call away so your customers can speak with a “live” person. With our online support system, they can report and track issues right from SmartPO's website.