One Platform. All Vendors. Reduced Costs.

SmartPO is a procurement and inventory management system that works for organizations of all sizes: from a single office to a complex corporation with multiple locations and departments. It's a complete procure-to-pay solution that handles internal requisitions, external purchase orders, receiving shipments, warehouse management, updating inventory, and routing invoices—all with reduced costs and improved efficiencies.


Easy Ordering

SmartPO provides one platform for ordering from all your vendors. You can order from established suppliers using item masters or order one-time, specialty items and services. With proper system permissions, you can even search the web for products. Based on your preferences, punch-outs allow you to shop vendor sites (like Amazon or Office Depot), with selected items added to your orders. You can even build orders right from the supply room by quickly scanning bar codes. Individual lines on each order can be coded to capture internal G/L codes, departments, grants, etc.

Behind the scenes, SmartPO builds a separate purchase order for each vendor and organizes them with tabs on the order screen. When you're ready, SmartPO sends each vendor's purchase order in their preferred format, be it EDI, FTP, SFTP, AS2, email, or customized integration to back-office systems.

Tabs organize purchase orders that are automatically created for each vendor.

Tabs organize purchase orders that are automatically created for each order.

Simple Requisitions and Transfers

Staff throughout your organization can requisition products from a central supply group to be ordered externally or transferred internally. Warehouse or central supply personnel can elect to fill all or part of a request internally or create external purchase orders when necessary. If inventory levels are managed, staff members can view available inventory in their location, as well as in other locations if a group setting. If needed inventory is available in other locations, staff members can request a transfer of items.

Correct Pricing

SmartPO stores established pricing and automatically audits prices under GPO contracts, direct contracts, and pricing agreements. As users enter items, the Opportunities window alerts users to potential cost savings. Pay exactly what you should—for every item, from every vendor, on every order.

For more information about the benefits of SmartPO's pricing audits, read our white paper: Managing Supply Costs in Challenging Times.

The Opportunities window alerts users to potential cost savings.

The Opportunities window alerts users to potential cost savings. 

Uncomplicated Approvals

Order reviews let you approve, deny, or place orders on hold in real time. If preferred, order approvals can be completely automated based on customizable rules.

SmartPO works for multi-location groups desiring centralized review and control. Locally created orders can be held for final approval and release. Authorized users can review, edit, and release orders for all locations in their group.

Verified Receipts

Orders are marked as received with a single click. Electronically received invoices are matched against receivers, with prices automatically audited for each item. Exceptions can be routed back to suppliers for correction or clarification. Vendor documentation, such as packing slips, can be attached to each transaction set and routed with the invoice for approval. The result is accurate, paperless receipts and invoice approvals.

A single click marks orders as received.

A single click marks orders as received.

Reduced Waste

SmartPO can track injectables and other items with lot numbers and expiration dates. Email notifications alert staff as expiration dates approach, allowing them to ensure these products are rotated for first use. The by-product is reduced waste and loss of limited-lifespan products.

Flexible Reporting

Flexible reports allow you to monitor purchases by vendor, item, or other criteria. Actionable data intelligence and tools accurately measure procurement performance. Reports can be exported to popular data formats like Excel.

Reports can be exported to popular data formats like Acrobat and Excel.

Reports can be exported to popular data formats like Acrobat and Excel.

Effortless Implementation

Our team fully implements SmartPO and trains your staff so they're quickly productive. We establish your vendors, load your approved products with correct pricing, and build custom templates. Afterwards, we are just a click or a phone call away should you have questions or new staff members in need of training.