Stop Overcharges with SmartPO

One of the primary benefits of SmartPO is ensuring that you pay the correct price for every item on every order. Customizable controls throughout the procurement process—from requisition to purchasing and invoicing—help stop overcharges in a variety of ways. 

Your Custom Product Guide

With SmartPO, you can order all products, from all vendors, on a single screen. As soon as you begin typing a product description, options from your product database appear for selection. Not only do you save time (no more searching vendor websites and catalogs for the right product), but SmartPO eliminates rogue or off-contract purchasing by accessing your preferred items from your preferred vendors. 

Setting up your product database is a snap—our Customer Success Team takes care of the details.


As soon as you start typing a product description, SmartPO displays your preferred products from your preferred vendors.

Opportunities Window

SmartPO stores your prices based on GPO contracts, direct contracts, and pricing agreements. As users enter items, the Opportunities window alerts users to potential cost savings.

The Opportunities window alerts users to potential cost savings.

The Opportunities window alerts users to potential cost savings. 

Verified Receipts and Invoices

SmartPO's receiving processes help make sure you pay the correct price for the items that you actually receive. Many of our clients are surprised to discover that what they receive or the price on their invoice varies wildly from their original purchase order. With SmartPO, audits detect such variances throughout the order and receiving process.

  • Vendors who receive SmartPO orders via EDI send order confirmations in return. SmartPO audits each confirmation against the original purchase order and flags discrepancies.
  • When items are received, their received quantities are compared to the original order quantities, and, again, discrepancies are noted.

When the order information and received information vary, SmartPO flags the vendor invoice so that it is not approved for payment until discrepancies are resolved.

Vendor documentation, such as packing slips, can be attached to each transaction set and routed with the invoice for approval. The result is accurate, paperless receipts and invoice approvals.


SmartPO audits invoices against orders and receipts, and it flags discrepancies for resolution. 

Comprehensive, Flexible Controls

SmartPO provides customizable rules that help ensure compliance with purchasing and budget guidelines. You can define how requisitions, orders, and invoices are approved—for example, you might require approval for all orders, or only those with new items or over a specific dollar amount. Multi-location groups can choose to have centralized approvals. 

In addition to approval processes, you can define user roles and give users access to only those areas of the system related to their job function. For example, certain users may see only screens needed for creating orders, while others see only screens involved in invoicing. This not only enhances system security, but also makes SmartPO easier for users to navigate.

Real-Time Reporting

Flexible reports allow you to monitor purchases by vendor, item, or other criteria. This procurement data allows you to make informed, intelligent decisions. Reports can be exported to popular data formats like Excel.

Reports can be exported to popular data formats like Acrobat and Excel.

Reports can be exported to popular data formats like Acrobat and Excel.